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Your reasons for accompanying the small caravan of wagons heading into the lands ruled by Duke Kirvek Mosoorlikon are your own, as are you thoughts regarding the whispers drifting across the mountainous land.  Rumors abound of a great prophet traveling the peaks of the Grand Duchy of Elik.  Throughout the villages and keeps of the Duchy, opinions differ as to whether the tales are even true.  Some point to the lack of consistent information about the prophet, and believe the stories to be concocted by those of fanciful imagination.  Others believe the accounts to be real.  Even among the believers, though, a consensus of opinion is absent.  Some believers see the prophet as a harbinger of doom, while others stand in awe of the tales of his gift of foresight.  A nervous tension hangs in the air around the wagons, due in part to the tales of the prophet, but largely due to stories of goblin raids in the area.  You remain on alert, knowing that danger could lurk around any turn in the mountain passes.


Roleplay in the forums will start on Saturday, April 21, but please go here and check in, so that we can pick a gaming night, and so I know if we need to add any new players.  Two other things to do would be to go to this forum thread to discuss your character (including race and class), and to think about why your character would be on the wagon heading into the Duchy of Elik.

More information to come.

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Heaven Slayer Start Date poster




Nestled in the hills southwest of Keep Mosoorlikon, and northeast of the split in the Darolith River, Pinevale has not even merited a place on most maps.  Pinevale is not close enough to the main caravan routes to be considered bustling or busy, but sits too close to a ford across the Darolith, used by merchant wagons, to be considered truly "sleepy."  Instead, Pinevale sees an ebb and flow of visitors from afar.  At times, the small village sits quiet, as most merchants prefer to access Elik from Hornwood.  From Hornwood the merchants travel into Gorna, where the Grand Duke of Elik resides, and onward to other keeps beyond.  Still, merchants do pass through on occasion, via the ford, not staying long before moving on to the keeps perched higher up in the mountains of Elik.

Elik is governed by three town Elders, who set the laws, and a Mayor, who oversees and enforces the laws.  Most of the time, this is a ceremonial job, as nothing much of anything ever happens in Pinevale that requires any sort of enforcing.  Lately, though, fears of goblin raids and other unspoken worries weigh down on the villagers.  It is into this environment you find yourself arriving, as the adventure begins.

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Tellam Arna 


A walking cliché, Tellam Arna is one of the travelers sharing your wagon as it climbs higher into Elik.  Calling himself a bard, Arna is a jovial fellow, and constantly spouts prose and song.  He also has an annoying habit of putting into song or prose even the most mundane observations that happen around him.  He claims to be heading into Elik as part of his never-ending quest to chronicle and catalog all of Naeldor.

Tellam Arna


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