This is where I will try to keep a list of the prefabs I have used in Naeldor modules, or otherwise give credit to materials I have used in the campaign or on this site. I will probably forget things from time to time, but will do my best to keep this current. This is both to give credit where credit is due, and also for the players' benefit in the event that some of you are playing in mutliple campaigns. Also, with most things, I will post the credits after the fact. Certainly don't let the use of prefabs cause you to not play something you might otherwise play, but if you tend to go looking at prefabs just for kicks, you might want to hold off on that. If you notice anything I missed, please let me know.

Here is the current list (Item name, Author):

Norse NPCs, TheStoryteller01

City on the Edge, Ninthletter

The Long Road, Ninthletter

Castle within Walls, (can't find the artist name)

Generic Inn, Marcelo_Lopes

Merchant's Pass, Regnjazz

Merchant Shop, Kimosavi

Small zone with river, LichKing

Kiye Canyon, Ghost Pirate

Country House, Phil73

AW Amphail v1.3, Alaster Wolf

Parts of Crossroad Keep Revamp, Nebzer the Mad

Skull Keep, Kendaric

Abandoned Town, Nexx

Tavern_001, THE_Mook

Baldur's Gate City, Sébastien Raymond

(more to come, and areas currently in use are indicated in the sign in the module start area)




Camb's dragonkin hak

MisterBritish's backpacks

Heed's PC Tools



Other custom content


Charlies Item Appearance Changer





Promo Banner artwork

Artwork used in making Heaven Slayer promo banner: Free animated gifs and programs

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