The measuring of time in the Land

After the First Great War against Karom, common people across the land used that event as a reference point when marking time.  For example, they would refer to something occurring “three years after the War.”  This common usage eventually became so prevalent that it overshadowed all other methods of measuring the years, and abbreviations reflecting this also gained acceptance.  Year 0 referred to the year in which Karom was defeated, “AW” referred to events occurring after the War, and “PW” referred to pre-War events.  For example, 600 AW occurred 600 years after the war, while 200 PW refers to 200 years before the war.


Naeldor is a land in flux. For the good races of the land, the majority of the last decade has been a time of unity against a common enemy, the evil deity Karom. Karom is now gone forever, and the people of Naeldor are rediscovering differences previously ignored. Likewise, diverse evil powers that were overshadowed by Karom now compete with one another to fill the vacuum that his demise has created.

Karom's first appearance on the surface of Naeldor dates back ages. More than 1000 years ago, the evil deity had been cast from the heavens and banished to the surface world. Some legends say this was done to punish the races of Naeldor for some horrible indiscretion; others say it was done to punish Karom, without thought to the effect on the people of Naeldor.

Whatever the reason for his appearance, Karom brought a horrible war to Naeldor, revenge against the other gods and conquest his only goals. After a brutal war with thousands of deaths, Karom was defeated with the magic of the sword Sentinel, wielded by the elven warrior-mage Yeblin Daoshin. As with demons and devils, however, deities can only be permanently slain on their home plane of existence. Thus, Karom was not truly killed, but the magic of Sentinel did banish his essence from reforming for an unusually long period of time.

1000 years after his defeat, when the races had all but forgotten him, Karom returned to once again spread evil across the face of Naeldor. He was defeated again, but this time without Sentinel. While most of Naeldor rejoiced, scholarly mages suspected that he would return once again, and in a shorter period of time since Sentinel had not been used to banish him this time.

Karom did return, only one year later, and slowly began rebuilding his forces, a process that ultimately would take a few years. The great wizard Tyric realized that a permanent solution was needed to deal with the eternal menace once and for all. Tyric, with the aid of Gedoron Supris of the Council of Twelve, located Sentinel, which had been long lost. Tyric also crafted a magic helm called Elvhelm, with the assistance of the dwarves of Rockland. This helm, when worn by a decedent of Yeblin Daoshin while wielding Sentinel, possessed the power to kill Karom forever.

Another horrible war followed, with terrible losses on both sides. Ultimately, Karom was slain, once and for all, by the elf Delbo Raoshin, wielding Sentinel and wearing Elvhem, and with the Council of Twelve at his side. Karom's army crumbled following Karom's death, and the good people of Naeldor rejoiced.

Karom's defeat, however, resulted in many greedy and evil powers rushing to fill the power vacuum created by Karom's death. Even so-called "peaceful" nations have discovered that they have conflict with one another, now that their common enemy is no more.  One crisis after another has arisen since Karom's final fall, leading historians to dub the current age "The Age of Chaos."  The people of Naeldor have have repelled Drow masses from the Underdark, defeated invading forces from across the sea, averted a sickness from a powerful artifact, avoided war between nations, and prevented a cult from restoring a long-destroyed evil deity even older than Karom.

It is now seven years after Karom's final defeat, and Naeldor continues to adjust to a new age.



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Arcanyra Goddess of Magic, Knowledge Good, Knowledge, Magic NG
Beam God of the Sun Good, Healing, Sun NG
Corellon Larethian God of Elves Chaos, Good, Protection, War CG
Coshar God of Weather, Agriculture Air, Chaos, Earth, Plant, Sun, Water CN
Dal God of Darkness, Evil, Destruction, Chaos Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War CE
Detanalie Goddess of Love and Beauty Chaos, Good, Healing CG
Dirkar Lord of the Dead Death, Evil, Law LE
Dolic God of Luck, Thieves, Stealth Chaos, Luck, Trickery CN
Folintor God of Suffering and the Sick Good, Healing, Protection NG
Garl Glittergold God of Gnomes Good, Protection, Trickery NG
Gruumsh God of Orcs Chaos, Evil, Strength, War CE
Hasaar God of Air, Sky, Leadership, Combat, Truth Air, Good, Law, Sun, War LG
Kraz The Barbarian Lord Evil, Destruction, Strength, War NE
Moradin God of Dwarves Earth, Good, Law, Protection LG
Nelamor God of the Roads Luck, Protection, Travel N
Sharra Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt Animal, Earth, Good, Law LG
Sreanna Goddess of Nature, Archery, Poetry Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water N
Telsan God of the Sea, Storms Chaos, Strength, Water CN
Trianda Goddess of Justice/Champion of the Weak, Oppressed Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength NG
Yondalla Goddess of Halflings Good, Law, Protection LG
Zhora Goddess of Combat, Wisdom, Law Good, Law, Strength, War LG

(Listed alphabetically by first name)

Bargo Vinson

The leader of the Black Circle, Bargo Vinson is thoroughly corrupted by greed and a thirst for power. Bargo is an imposing fighter who is supremely confident in his abilities. He comes across as quietly cocky, and often will taunt and ridicule his opponents in battle. Bargo is quick to anger, and does not hesitate to place blame if he feels someone has let him down. Bargo is constantly plotting new ways to gain wealth and power.



A barbarian from the frozen Wildlands of the north, Bungo has permanently left his homeland for the more civilized lands to the south. Bungo is fairly well known throughout the lands to the south, and those who meet him are not quick to forget him. Bungo stands over seven feet tall, has wild unkempt hair and beard, and is clad in animal hides instead of more protective armor. Bungo has a good heart, and has often been recruited by the forces of good for important tasks.


Carilena Marticella

Queen Carilena Marticella, queen of Gartho, is the realistic counter to her husband, King William Marticella (see his entry, below, for more information). She realizes that a person cannot please everyone, and she is sometimes able to influence those decisions of her husband that he makes only to please the masses. She too is kindhearted, but she has a better political head on her shoulders. Carilena is cool and confident, and often cocky. While a smooth talker can sometimes manipulate her husband, Carilena sees through this.



This evil sorceress is firmly ensconced in power in the barren desert and mountain lands of Areot. Not much is known of her, except that she has legions of orcs in her service. On rare occasions, she becomes involved in events in Naeldor, propagating some evil plot. Between these appearances, she is nestled away securely in her fortified tower, plotting her next scheme.


Delbo Daoshin

Delbo, a lawful good elven fighter-wizard, is one of the two cofounders of the Council of Twelve, along with Venture Altone. Delbo is not your typical elf. He has a short temper, and is often impatient and excitable. Despite these qualities, or perhaps because of them, Delbo has had a direct hand in shaping the history of Naeldor. Delbo is a descendent of the elf who defeated the evil deity Karom in the year 0, and it was Delbo who wielded his ancestor's sword Sentinel and wore another item, Elvhelm, and defeated Karom in 1003 AW, thus destroying his essence and permanently destroying the evil power. Delbo now alternates his time between quiet research at Castle Amicus, and adventuring in the Land. Like the wizard Supris, Delbo will often work invisibly behind the scenes, guiding a young group of adventurers on a quest to further good causes.


Garth Thompson

Garth is the quiet, charismatic captain of the Sea Gem II, Although by no means evil, it is fairly well known that Garth smuggles in unrefined gems from the island chains to the south, evading government taxation. This has made him somewhat of a folk hero in Spectaro. His parents own and operate the Green Leprechaun Inn.


Gedoron Supris

A powerful wizard, Supris is a member of the Council of Twelve. It is difficult for even his friends on the Council to assess Supris' personality, as he is a very guarded individual. He speaks infrequently, but when he does, those around him listen. Supris does not adventure as much as he once did, instead preferring to quietly conduct his research and experiments in Castle Amicus, or in his tower outside of Ransar. He does get involved in the events of the Land, usually assisting good causes by providing guidance and indirect assistance to less experienced adventuring parties. Often, he does so without revealing his identity.


Sir Forn La' Efric

Forn is the mayor of Spectaro, and has been for some time. Although it is common knowledge that he despises the King, who greatly overshadows him, Forn somehow manages to be reelected every three (3) years. Forn once even managed to be reelected after he sided with Karom in the Second Great War. He managed this after it was proven (to many of the people, at least) that he was charmed magically into serving the forces of evil. Part of Forn's success can be attributed to the wonders he has worked with Spectaro's economy. Since first taking office in 988, Spectaro has been transformed from a dreary seaside community to a booming sea port, a major hub on the southern coast. Forn is known to be a stubborn man, and is very cunning. It is his ingenious, plotting mind that has enabled him to be successful with his economic reforms.



An old elven sage based in Spectaro, Temen has been in Spectaro for generations, and rarely leaves his home anymore. His servant, Exrack Mickalander (a rather effeminate man), runs all of Temen's errands for him. Temen's knowledge is extensive and covers many areas, so many individuals come to him for information and advice. This counsel does not come without a price, as Temen will often require some item to be obtained or action to be performed in exchange for the information sought. Usually, this involves obtaining some item that Temen needs for his never-ending research.


The Avengress

Although seen in other parts of Naeldor, the Avengress is seen most often in Spectaro. Some claim that she is a holy warrior of Trianda, goddess of justice and champion of the weak and oppressed. Some go so far as to say that she is the avatar of the goddess herself. She is somewhat of a mysterious figure about whom little is known. She first made her appearance in Spectaro about three and one-half years ago, and has been vigilant against the forces of evil in Spectaro and Naeldor ever since. She is known for her combat style, as she does not use weapons, but instead prefers hand-to-hand combat. Those who meet her do not soon forget her, talking of her breathtaking beauty.



It is generally accepted that Tyric is the most powerful spellcaster in Naeldor. Although human, Tyric is over 400 years old. Sages claim that Tyric obtained his powers from Trianda or some other good deity of Naeldor, but that the evil god Dal interfered, placing a curse on Tyric so that he could not become directly involved in the affairs of the Land. It is true that Tyric does not get directly involved in events in Naeldor, instead guiding others from behind the scenes, but it is not known whether this is by choice or because of a curse. The Council of Twelve is known to consult with Tyric from time to time concerning matters of great importance. Tyric is almost never seen in Naeldor, and legend has it that he resides in a castle that floats in the clouds.


Venture Altone

Along with his best friend, Delbo Daoshin, Venture was one of the founders of the Council of Twelve, a group of famous adventurers who are now the rulers of Amicus. Venture appears as a clean cut, muscular man, and his feats of strength are legendary across the Land. Venture is a perfectionist, and demands the same of those around him. He appears self-confident as well, and these attributes have enabled Venture and Delbo to continue as the unofficial leaders of the Council. Venture is also extremely serious, almost never showing a joking side or sense of humor. His friends on the council, especially the two halfling members, often tease him for this reason. As with all members of the Council, Venture can be found across the Land, involving himself in just causes and thwarting evil plans. More often, however, he remains at Amicus overseeing the Council's efforts, building the fledgling nation, and becoming involved in only the most important quests.


William Marticella

William is King of Gartho, and resides with his wife, Queen Carilena Marticella, in the sprawling seaside city of Spectaro. William and Carilena received their positions five years ago after the former king, Edward IV, was killed by the assassins guild. As Edward IV had no heirs, the city was in chaos with many factions jockeying for position. William and Carilena, at the time popular adventurers, foiled an attempt by the assassins guild to place a puppet of theirs in power. William and Carilena then held a special election in which they were overwhelmingly chosen by the people of Gartho to be the new king and queen, hence bringing new blood to the crown. William and Carilena are popular with the people, but have a very tenuous hold over Gartho, as they were not the choice of the military commanders. As a result, Spectaro remains a wild and often dangerous town, with powerful thieves and assassins guilds, and a thriving underground slave trade.

As Edward IV, William's predecessor, was a popular leader, King William is very conscientious about his image and pleasing the people. Because of this, he is fair and just, and will often override the advice of his advisors in order to remain popular. At times government policy suffers because of this eagerness to please the uneducated masses. Especially hurt is Gartho's foreign policy, as the people are uneducated as to what the best course of action is and often want only what is best for them. William bows to their wants. Aside from his willingness to bow to the wants of the people, William is a strong-willed man. He is easy to talk to and carries himself well in conversation. He appears to be completely confident in his abilities, notwithstanding his desire to please the masses.

The First Great War against Karom ended in 0 AW, 1006 years ago. In fact, the measuring of years uses Karom’s defeat as a reference point, with “AW” being short for “After War.”

Legend says that more than 1000 years ago, the evil deity Karom had been cast from the heavens and banished to the surface world. Some legends say this was done to punish the races of Naeldor for some horrible indiscretion; others say it was done to punish Karom, without thought to the effect on the people of Naeldor.

Whatever the reason for his appearance, Karom brought a horrible war to Naeldor, with revenge against the other gods and conquest his only goals. After a brutal war with thousands of deaths, Karom was defeated with the magic of the sword Sentinel, wielded by the elven warrior-mage Yeblin Daoshin.

During this First Great War, the climatic battle occurred in the hills west of Ransar. The Great Alliance of Races, led by Grand Duke Ithicaran of the Duchy of Elik, confronted the forces of Karom in those hills in fighting that raged over a ten day period. Much dispute has arisen over the years about what forces were instrumental in carrying the day on behalf of the good races. Some stories say the dwarves of Rockland forced a breach on the south side of the hill, leading to victory, while others say that it was a band of paladins of Trianda, led by a female warrior, that turned the tide of battle.

Karom himself made his final stand on the tallest hill, ultimately being defeated on 13 Harvestmoon, 0 AW. That hill thereafter became known as Karom’s Fall. A monument marks the spot where Karom was struck down, and graves of the heroic warriors cover the hillside. Those bodies of the fallen that could not be identified were laid to rest in a tomb constructed in the hill. That tomb was named the Hall of the Never Forgotten.

(As with demons and devils, however, deities can only be permanently slain on their home plane of existence. Thus, Karom was not truly killed, but the magic of Sentinel did banish his essence from reforming for an unusually long period of time. Karom did return 1000 years later, before being permanently slain by a descended of Yeblin Daoshin.)

The Black Circle

This organization has been behind many of the evil happenings in Naeldor over the last decade. Its sole motive appears to be to increase its own power, regardless of the cost to others. In both of the recent appearances of Karom (an evil deity) on Naeldor, the Black Circle was at his side. As a result of this group's evil motives, its members often clash with the members of the Council of Twelve. There are nine known members of the Circle, although there may be more. The Circle's known members are Bargo Vinson, Cranch Vinson, Lex Lomond, Brother Salvan, Kalamen Sansar, Mingg the Dark, Thormin Ironaxe, Handlig Facio, and a female warrior known only as the Cat. It is believed that the Black Circle maintains a fortress on an island south of Spectaro, but this had not been confirmed.


The Black Helms

The Black Helms are a mercenary group based out of Spectaro, with additional bases in Nartacus and Kamtor. The branch in Nartacus is thriving even more than the one in Spectaro, with the group having been hired by the city to act as the city guard. Recently, the group had a scare in Spectaro, with the Spectaro Assassin's Guild framing the Black Helms for various attacks in the towns along the Trade Bay, all the way up to Ransar. It turned out that the plot was intended to create doubt and unrest in the people concerning the ability of the King and Queen to protect them. A band of adventuers uncovered the plot, and helped clear the name of the Black Helms.


The Council of Twelve

The twelve individuals that make up the Council of Twelve are of many different adventuring classes, although they are all good-aligned. The Council members started as a band of adventurers, and now rule the land of Amicus, which was granted to them as a reward for assisting the Grand Duke of Elik. The Council has long taken a proactive role in the Land, often becoming involved in events outside the borders of Amicus, all with the goal of promoting peace between the people of the Land, and spreading good. Since the Council has aided all of the surrounding lands at one time or another, Amicus is on good terms with all of its neighbors. In addition, it was the Council of Twelve that defeated Karom in 1000 AW, and the elven member of the Council, Delbo Daoshin, who finally banished him for good in 1003 AW. The Council of Twelve also has blood ties with other kingdoms. The elf-mage Delbo Daoshin is wed to the daughter of King Hocholve, the elven king of Elvenwood. Another member is the prince of Toerdain, while the Council's two dwarven members are the sons of the king of the dwarven land of Rockland.


The Dark Robes

The Dark Robes are a group of mysterious wizards. The Dark Robes do not currently lean towards good nor evil. Instead, the mission of this organization is to further the knowledge and research of its members. In the past, there have been internal struggles within this organization between those who would use the might of the group to advance some cause or another. The town of Depshaw and the surrounding Broken Land in the southern portion of Elik were razed by magic in a horrific battle between different factions within the Dark Robes during the last Gartho-Elik war. For almost 100 years, however, the members of the Dark Robes have maintained their focus on their original mission, research and gaining knowledge. Still, some powerful mages in Naeldor remember history, and do not belong to this organization. Those senior members of the Dark Robes who have ascended into the upper hierarchy of the organization are known by the suffix appended to their name, "the Dark."


The Dragon Society

This is an organization of merchants, but its reach runs much deeper than just trade and commerce. On its surface, this group organizes and facilitates trade among nations, on behalf of its members. The powers-that-be in the organization, however, realize how important a role politics plays in commerce, so the Dragon Society has its hands in events throughout Naeldor. The Dragon Society is based in Spectaro, but its reach stretches as far north as Pelwait. The organization was previously based in Nartacus, but after an internal power struggle four years ago, the new leaders of the organization relocated the headquarters across the Trade Bay to Spectaro. Some merchants grouse that the Society carries too much influence and wields too heavy a hand, but there is no denying that the Society has been a boon to many merchants.



Known for their "Weather Rings" hidden around Naeldor, the Stormers are an alliance of druids devoted to the balance between the land and the weather on it. Stormers respect Coshar, god of weather and agricultural, but are thought to gain their divine powers from nature, rather than from a particular deity. Using their Weather Rings, groups of Stormers attempt to call upon divine power to balance the extremes of weather, such as by calling for rain in times of drought. Stormers often are viewed with disdain by other druids, who feel that mother nature maintains its own balance, not to be trifled with by mortals.


The Storm Guard

Because of their tenuous hold over the Gartho military, King William Marticello and Queen Carilena Marticello created the Sword Guard. The Storm Guard is an elite group of highly skilled warriors, wearing the finest armor and each wielding a magic sword that sizzles with magical energy. It is rumored that the famed wizard Tyric created these swords, although this has not been confirmed. The guardsmen are known by their trademark green and gold full plate armor. The Storm Guard is not large, and is believed to number no more than 30 warriors. Several guardsmen are always in close proximity to the King and Queen, although individual guardsmen, or guardsmen in small groups, can also be found out and about in Naeldor tending to business and missions of the King and Queen.


The Swordsmen

The Swordsmen are a mercenary fighting group based in Spectaro. Money is the only standard that drives this organization. The members of the Swordsmen can be found in all sorts of ventures, regardless of the good or evil that might come about from their involvement. The Swordsmen are led by Tolmer Trahannon, the former commander of Gartho's army, who is known to despise the King and Queen, who relieved him of his position with the army. The Swordsmen are known for their symbol, two clashing swords on a red armband, and their slogan, "All Answer to the Sword!"

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