Timeline of Important Events



6           The first Great War begins.  The deity Karom, who decades ago had been cast from the heavens, sends his evil troops into the land to conquer the lands of Naeldor, as revenge against the other deities of Naeldor for casting him to earth.

0            Forces of the First Great Alliance, led by His Radiant Excellency, Pelwait I of Lakeland (later known as Pelwait), drive Karom’s forces back past World’s End.  Karom, cut off from most of his forces, is destroyed in the hills west of Ransar, at Karom's Fall, and his essence banished for the next 1000 years by the elf Yeblin Daoshin, wielding the magical sword Sentinel.


22          Emperor of Lakeland, Pelwait I, assassinated in coup led by Xavlin Darkaxe, who assumed the role of emperor.

46          The Land is plunged into the Isolation following the breakup of the Fourth United Council.  During the Council, Xavlin Darkaxe, emperor of Pelwait, insists on greater role and power for Pelwait in the rule of the Land, which in turn leads to bickering among all the representatives.  The Council disbands in chaos, and the Land is plunged into the Isolation.  During the years that follow, the people of the Land rarely venture into other lands, and all nations vigilantly guard their borders.

102        Mysterious sickness spreads through the elven community in the Woodvale Forest.  The elven population is decimated.

103        Those elves of Woodvale not afflicted by the spreading sickness leave Woodvale, migrating far to the south until finally settling in Elvenwood.

422        Emperor Tenorth III of Lakeland, a descendant of Pelwait I, honors the former hero by renaming the country after him.

575        Start of the Orc Wars.  Orcs invade and conquer the gnomish land of Tathose.  The wizard Tyric is born.

576        Orcs capture Princess Trella of Elvenwood, and threaten to kill her.  She is rescued by Frond and Brond Ironaxe, dwarven princes from Rockland.

577        Orc army is surprisingly beaten back by the halflings of Home.  Later in the year, the orcs are finally driven back into the Wildlands by the dwarven armies of Rockland at the Battle of the Crossroads.

632        Grand Duke of Elik assassinated by Torg Lommond.  Forces of Elik invade Pelwait over accusations that Lommond was acting on behalf of Pelwait, thus beginning the Pelwait-Elik War.

633        The city of Depshaw and the surrounding land destroyed by magic of the Dark Robes in the Pelwait-Elik War. Land now known as the Broken Land.

996        Amicus founded.

999        Last emperor of Pelwait, His Radiant Excellency, Qualgor II, overthrown and forced to flee the county in an uprising of the masses.  First democracy of Pelwait established.

1000      The deity Karom returns to the Land, but late in the year is defeated and “killed” by the Council of Twelve.

1001      Just one year after his banishment, Karom secretly returns, thanks to dark magic, and begins building his forces.

1002      Karom’s forces wage a great war on the Land, spreading west from World’s End.

1003      Delbo Daoshin, elven fighter-mage of the Council of Twelve, defeats Karom using the sword Sentinel and wearing Elvhelm, which together permanently banish him from Naeldor.   A coalition of forces, spearheaded by members of the Council of Twelve, defeats Karom’s army.


Note: History below this point occurred after the start of the original Neverwinter Nights campaign, although not all events involved the players.

1007    Start of what is now being called the Age of Chaos.  With the end of one overreaching evil (Karom), many crises befall the land as those of greed and evil strive for power.  Historians generally agree that this Age is still ongoing.

1007    The Black Circle raises on army of dragons to overrun Amicus and Elik.  Plot thwarted by the Council of Twelve.

1007    A foul group known as the Tiger Claws use an evil artifact to overpower the Lintaer, magical devices created by Karom in ages past that magically sealed off the Underdark from the surface world.  Hordes of drow swarm into the surface of world.  A group of adventurers (called "the Guardians" by some scholars, much to the chagrin of some members of the group) travels to the Upperdark and destroys the artifact, restoring the Lintaer.  The remaining drow on the surface are defeated.

1007    The Guardians thwart an attempt by the Spectaro Assassins' Guild to subvert and overthrow the King and Queen of Gartho.

1008    Strangely armored troops swarm Amicus from the west, and magically cut off Amicus' ability to summon aid from its neighbors.  In the lengthy Battle of Five Moons, the forces of Amicus, under the leadership of the Council of Twelve, prevail.  The Council pursues the remaining forces to the west in a trek that lasts several months, and learns that the forces came from across the Far Sea, which lies far to the west of the Land.

1008    The Guardians recover the artifact Alantha Chath from a demon.  The artifact, which was sought by several competing factions, was responsible for the great sickness that destroyed the elves of Woodvale in 102 PW.  Different factions had various devious plans for using the artifact.

1008    With false evidence incorrectly suggesting that Elik was behind the attempt to overthrow the King of Gartho in 1007 PW, war nearly breaks out between the two nations.  The crisis is averted when Zelth Moonarc, a wizard in the form of a troll, reveals that the evidence was planted by the Dragon Society in an attempt to generate a demand for goods during a time of war.

1008    A cult with sects across the northlands tries to restore the deity Krackshaw ("The Faceless One").  Before recorded time, Krackshaw birthed the evil deities of Naeldor, but was defeated in the time of the Ancients.  The cult's attempt to revive Krackshaw is stopped by the Guardians.

1009    The Guardians are hailed as heroes of the Land, and are deeded a stronghold and land in the far reaches of Gartho.  Some of the Guardians retire from adventuring to oversee the keep, some settle in other places, and yet others still wander the land to this day.

1010    The current year. 

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