Amicus, being mountainous, has many natural resources.  Most are untapped, as this area was dangerous and uninhabited until the Council of Twelve took power.  Now that the area is well-patrolled and justly ruled, many people are flocking to the area to take advantage of the untapped resources and to make new lives for themselves.  Because of this Amicus is undergoing growing pains, dealing with rapid growth, as well as some of the less savory characters that have flocked here to escape some part of their past.

            The Council of Twelve has helped establish trade routes into Amicus by constructing roads through what were previously wild and nearly impassable lands.  This was necessary, for Amicus must survive by trade until its natural resources are more fully developed.


            Amicus was founded recently, in the early months of 997 AW.  The Grand Duke of Elik granted twelve popular adventurers a barren, unpopulated northwestern portion of Elik to rule as dukes.  This was done to reward the adventurers, who had sought out and put an end to the activities of slavers and bandits who had been conducting raids on nearby communities in Elik, coastal communities in Gartho, and on merchants on the Old North Road.  These adventurers, known as the Council of Twelve, helped the Grand Duke out of many a predicament over the next year.  The Grand Duke then granted Amicus sovereignty.  This was beneficial to both parties, with the Council of Twelve gaining their own land to rule, and the Grand Duke gaining a buffer zone between his nation and Pelwait, against whom his country had fought battles in the past.


            Amicus is ruled by its founders, the Council of Twelve.  These twelve individuals are of many different adventuring classes, although they are all good-aligned.  They have taken a proactive role in the Land, often becoming involved in events outside the borders of Amicus, all with the goal of promoting peace between the people of the Land, and spreading good.  Since the Council has aided all of the surrounding lands at one time or another, Amicus is on good terms with all of its neighbors.  In addition, it was the Council of Twelve that defeated Karom in 1000 AW, and finally banished him for good in 1003 AW.  The Council of Twelve also has blood ties with other kingdoms.  The elf-mage Delbo Daoshin is wed to the daughter of the King Hocholve, the elven king of Elvenwood.  Another member is the prince of Toerdain, while the Council’s two dwarven members are the sons of the king of the dwarven land of Rockland.


Hardened humans dwell in the towns and strongholds of Amicus, but these locales are also a melting pot for members of the other races, as the new country is a destination for those of all races seeking a new start. Also, it is rumored that small dwarven outposts are scattered about the Skyreach Mountains.


            Amicus is a mountainous region, brimming with ores and other untapped natural resources.  If not for the roads, not many people would come to Amicus.  To the south lies the Darolith Swamp.  To the southeast, just over the border in Elik, lie the dangerous Darolith Hills, which once again are becoming the home of bandits and slavers, although not nearly to the same extent as previously.  To the east lies Elvenwood, home of the elves, who tend to avoid outsiders.  In addition, the Skyreach Mountains of Amicus are very high, and not conducive to travel.

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