Elik is a nation of keeps and castles, with the various dukes and barons of the land having their strongholds sprinkled throughout the mountains of this land. Elik is a wild land, with these keeps the bastions of order and civilization in an otherwise dangerous mountainous area. The dukes of Elik swear allegiance to Tremthon Elik III, the Grand Duke, who rules from Gorna, at the southeastern edge of the Darolith Peaks. Elik has strained relations with nearby Gartho. Elik is rich in the ores and minerals lacking in Gartho, while Gartho is rich in just about all other commodities.


Elik has long had a strained relationship with Gartho. This dates back to a chain of events that began in 632 PW. During that year, the Grand Duke of Elik was assassinated by Torg Lommond. War broke out thereafter over accusations that Lommond was acting on behalf of the emperor of Pelwait. This accusation was never substantiated, but that did not prevent the destruction that followed. During the war between Elik and Pelwait, the city of Depshaw and the surrounding land was destroyed by magic, leaving a barren wasteland behind. That land, now known as the Broken Land, had been a fertile farmland prior to the war, with the ability to supply the entire nation. After the war, with its primary source of wheat and other farming goods lost, Elik became dependent on other nations, primarily Gartho, for such items. Gartho, in turn, was dependent on Elik for the valuable ores that were plentiful in the mountains of Elik. For a time, the two nations cooperated, but as is often the case when two nations are overly dependent on one another, friction developed.

In the centuries past, Gartho and Elik have also fought over the city of Hornwood. This city is a gateway to both the dukes' keeps to the north, and to the coastal cities of Gartho to the south. Any caravan headed north or south passes through this town, and because of Hornwood's distance from other cities, any such trip results in an overnight stay. Thus, whichever country controls the town prospers from the tariffs levied on these caravans.

A few years ago, giants and other humanoids in the Darolith Peaks, always a nuisance, began spreading chaos across the nation. The Council of Twelve, rulers of Amicus, came to Elik at the Grand Duke's request and fought these humanoids on their home turf. Nowadays, these denizens keep a low profile, and while still troublesome, their threat is greatly reduced.


Elik is a duchy, with several dukes across the country swearing loyalty to a hereditary Grand Duke. The grand duke has been a member of the Elik family for as long as anyone can remember. The current Grand Duke is Tremthon Elik, III, who resides in Gorna. Tremthon is stubborn and thickheaded, but just. In recent years, he has had greater difficulty keeping his dukes in line. With increasing tension between Gartho and Elik, some of the dukes feel that Elik should stage a preemptive strike against Gartho, out of fear that Gartho might otherwise attack first. For now, Tremthon has enough support to prevent this, but some of the dukes would rather see his son, Lotan, ascend to power. Lotan is more brash and unthinking than his father.


The people of Elik are a hardy folk, by necessity. Mountain living can be difficult, and the natives of this land have learned to adapt. Most of Elik's cities are predominantly human in population, but the mountainous terrain is also home to scattered dwarven clans. These clans consider themselves separate from Elik, but create no problems, nor are they numerous enough to cause much trouble even if they wanted to. Other friendly races are scarce in Elik, while unfriendly races such as orcs and goblins still lurk in the mountains.


Elik is a rugged land, with the stark mountains of the Darolith Peaks dominating the landscape. At the southern edge of the nation, foothills taper into the rolling plains of Gartho. The Broken Lands, a once fertile farmland, are cradled by the mountains to the north and the hills to the south.

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