Gartho, the economic hub of Naeldor, is a land of variety. Larger cities lie on the Trade Bay and Sea of Storms, medium-sized towns lie on the two major roads through the kingdom, and small farming hamlets are scattered across the countryside. The capital city of Spectaro dominates all, however. The King and Queen reside there, as do many other powerful groups. Decisions and events affecting all of Gartho, and indeed all of Naeldor, are made in the capital city. Gartho has strained relations with nearby Elik. Elik is rich in the ores and minerals lacking in Gartho, while Gartho is rich in just about all other commodities.


The current king and queen of Gartho received their positions five years ago after the former king, Edward IV, was killed by the assassins guild. As Edward IV had no heirs, the city was in chaos with many factions jockeying for position. Two popular adventurers foiled an attempt by the assassins guild to place a puppet of theirs in power. A special election was then held in which the two adventurers were overwhelmingly chosen by the people of Gartho to be the new king and queen, hence bringing new blood to the crown.

Despite its size and economic might, Gartho has not often been involved in the larger history of Naeldor, except for occasional conflicts with nearby Elik. In the wars against Karom, Gartho did join forces with the other good races. Cynics suggest, however, that this was done only because the alternative was to be wiped from the face of Naeldor by the evil deity. The new king and queen have shown signs that if they can ever get a firmer grip on their land, Gartho might take a more proactive role in the events of Naeldor.


Gartho is a land of political intrigue. The country is ruled by King William Marticella and his wife, Queen Carilena Marticella, who reside in the sprawling seaside city of Spectaro. William and Carilena were voted into their positions in a special election after the murder of the former king (who had no heirs). They are popular with the people, but have a very tenuous hold over Gartho, as they were not the choice of the military commanders. As a result, Spectaro remains a wild and often dangerous town, with powerful thieves and assassins guilds, and a thriving underground slave trade.

As Edward IV, William's predecessor, was a popular leader, King William is very conscientious about his image and pleasing the people. Because of this, he is fair and just, and will often override the advice of his advisors in order to remain popular. At times government policy suffers because of this eagerness to please the uneducated masses. Especially hurt is Gartho's foreign policy, as the people are uneducated as to what the best course of action is and often want only what is best for them. William bows to their wants. Aside from his willingness to bow to the wants of the people, William is a strong-willed man. He is easy to talk to and carries himself well in conversation. He appears to be completely confident in his abilities, notwithstanding his desire to please the masses.


While most of Gartho's cities are predominantly human in population, Spectaro is a melting pot for all of the races. While still largely human, other races can feel at home in the capital city. Small communities of dwarves are said to reside deep in the mountains of Worlds End, with gnomes in the foothills of those imposing mountains.


Fertile farmlands and gentle plains make up most of this land. Some hills lie in the western area of the country, and contribute to the northern and eastern boundaries. The mountains of World's End stand like a wall at the extreme eastern border of Gartho.

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