About Naeldor

Naeldor is a Dungeons and Dragons game world with a history going back over 30 years. Most recently, Naeldor was the setting for a weekly Neverwinter Nights 2 campaign. The Naeldor NWN2 server fired up one night each week, and off we went into a land of adventure. The campaign lasted for more than two years.

The Neverwinter Nights 1 version of Naeldor started with a modified version of Oraweb's Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh in October of 2003, and then extended into a homemade campaign that lasted for over two years of (nearly) weekly goodness, before going on a hiatus in 2006. For NWN2, Venture started building the campaign with the beta toolset, and has continued very slowly since. To help with the building, the campaign will also use prefab areas created by members of the NWN2 community, as found on Neverwinter Vault. It also remains to be seen whether Venture will be able to build quickly enough between sessions of the campaign for the campaign to be played each week. It is possible we could play weekly; play weekly with breaks now and then; or play less than weekly.

The Naeldor campaign was blessed with a core of talented roleplayers for the bulk of its existence, with some players remaining with the campaign for the entire 2 and a half years. We also had the talented Bigbluepaw as a co-DM for all but a few months of the campaign, until real life obligations (i.e. parenthood) came calling.  He has recently returned to co-DM the Naeldor NWN2 campaign.

Why a website? Cohesiveness, continuity, and organization. One of the hardest parts about keeping a NWN campaign going is getting any continuity, and keeping a cohesiveness among a group of individuals with many real life distractions. Other alternatives out there were missing one thing or another. Plus, I (Venture) am a tech geek wannabe, so the web site is fun for me. The website is a central meeting place between sessions, and also is a repository of information about the game world, about what has happened in the campaign so far, and even some hints about what may be to come. The first incarnation of the website (now evaporated into cyberspace) helped keep the campaign chugging along for a big chunk of its existence. The old forums can still be found here, in read only form. They even contain session summaries and screenshots starting in 2005, which is when the campaign site moved here from Neverwinter Connections, a site that helped birth the Naeldor NWN campaign.

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