The Black Circle

This organization has been behind many of the evil happenings in Naeldor over the last decade. Its sole motive appears to be to increase its own power, regardless of the cost to others. In both of the recent appearances of Karom (an evil deity) on Naeldor, the Black Circle was at his side. As a result of this group's evil motives, its members often clash with the members of the Council of Twelve. There are nine known members of the Circle, although there may be more. The Circle's known members are Bargo Vinson, Cranch Vinson, Lex Lomond, Brother Salvan, Kalamen Sansar, Mingg the Dark, Thormin Ironaxe, Handlig Facio, and a female warrior known only as the Cat. It is believed that the Black Circle maintains a fortress on an island south of Spectaro, but this had not been confirmed.


The Black Helms

The Black Helms are a mercenary group based out of Spectaro, with additional bases in Nartacus and Kamtor. The branch in Nartacus is thriving even more than the one in Spectaro, with the group having been hired by the city to act as the city guard. Recently, the group had a scare in Spectaro, with the Spectaro Assassin's Guild framing the Black Helms for various attacks in the towns along the Trade Bay, all the way up to Ransar. It turned out that the plot was intended to create doubt and unrest in the people concerning the ability of the King and Queen to protect them. A band of adventuers uncovered the plot, and helped clear the name of the Black Helms.


The Council of Twelve

The twelve individuals that make up the Council of Twelve are of many different adventuring classes, although they are all good-aligned. The Council members started as a band of adventurers, and now rule the land of Amicus, which was granted to them as a reward for assisting the Grand Duke of Elik. The Council has long taken a proactive role in the Land, often becoming involved in events outside the borders of Amicus, all with the goal of promoting peace between the people of the Land, and spreading good. Since the Council has aided all of the surrounding lands at one time or another, Amicus is on good terms with all of its neighbors. In addition, it was the Council of Twelve that defeated Karom in 1000 AW, and the elven member of the Council, Delbo Daoshin, who finally banished him for good in 1003 AW. The Council of Twelve also has blood ties with other kingdoms. The elf-mage Delbo Daoshin is wed to the daughter of King Hocholve, the elven king of Elvenwood. Another member is the prince of Toerdain, while the Council's two dwarven members are the sons of the king of the dwarven land of Rockland.


The Dark Robes

The Dark Robes are a group of mysterious wizards. The Dark Robes do not currently lean towards good nor evil. Instead, the mission of this organization is to further the knowledge and research of its members. In the past, there have been internal struggles within this organization between those who would use the might of the group to advance some cause or another. The town of Depshaw and the surrounding Broken Land in the southern portion of Elik were razed by magic in a horrific battle between different factions within the Dark Robes during the last Gartho-Elik war. For almost 100 years, however, the members of the Dark Robes have maintained their focus on their original mission, research and gaining knowledge. Still, some powerful mages in Naeldor remember history, and do not belong to this organization. Those senior members of the Dark Robes who have ascended into the upper hierarchy of the organization are known by the suffix appended to their name, "the Dark."


The Dragon Society

This is an organization of merchants, but its reach runs much deeper than just trade and commerce. On its surface, this group organizes and facilitates trade among nations, on behalf of its members. The powers-that-be in the organization, however, realize how important a role politics plays in commerce, so the Dragon Society has its hands in events throughout Naeldor. The Dragon Society is based in Spectaro, but its reach stretches as far north as Pelwait. The organization was previously based in Nartacus, but after an internal power struggle four years ago, the new leaders of the organization relocated the headquarters across the Trade Bay to Spectaro. Some merchants grouse that the Society carries too much influence and wields too heavy a hand, but there is no denying that the Society has been a boon to many merchants.



Known for their "Weather Rings" hidden around Naeldor, the Stormers are an alliance of druids devoted to the balance between the land and the weather on it. Stormers respect Coshar, god of weather and agricultural, but are thought to gain their divine powers from nature, rather than from a particular deity. Using their Weather Rings, groups of Stormers attempt to call upon divine power to balance the extremes of weather, such as by calling for rain in times of drought. Stormers often are viewed with disdain by other druids, who feel that mother nature maintains its own balance, not to be trifled with by mortals.


The Storm Guard

Because of their tenuous hold over the Gartho military, King William Marticello and Queen Carilena Marticello created the Sword Guard. The Storm Guard is an elite group of highly skilled warriors, wearing the finest armor and each wielding a magic sword that sizzles with magical energy. It is rumored that the famed wizard Tyric created these swords, although this has not been confirmed. The guardsmen are known by their trademark green and gold full plate armor. The Storm Guard is not large, and is believed to number no more than 30 warriors. Several guardsmen are always in close proximity to the King and Queen, although individual guardsmen, or guardsmen in small groups, can also be found out and about in Naeldor tending to business and missions of the King and Queen.


The Swordsmen

The Swordsmen are a mercenary fighting group based in Spectaro. Money is the only standard that drives this organization. The members of the Swordsmen can be found in all sorts of ventures, regardless of the good or evil that might come about from their involvement. The Swordsmen are led by Tolmer Trahannon, the former commander of Gartho's army, who is known to despise the King and Queen, who relieved him of his position with the army. The Swordsmen are known for their symbol, two clashing swords on a red armband, and their slogan, "All Answer to the Sword!"

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