Elvenwood refers to both the nation of elves located to the south of the Cradlelands, and to the vast forest in which those elves dwell.  Elvenwood has one large town as well as the capital, Hocholve, but otherwise is largely made up of small communities scattered throughout the sprawling forest.  Would-be invaders fear entering the forest of Elvenwood, for the elves are excellent at fighting in their native environment.  Even when Pelwait was an openly belligerent nation, it avoided Elvenwood because of this.  Orcs and goblins have not been as wise over the years.


           Elves first settled Elvenwood in 103 AW, so by elven standards the communities of Elvenwood are young.  The settlement of Elvenwood occurred after a mysterious, devastating sickness spread through the elven communities in Woodvale far to the north.  This sickness almost wiped out the entire population of elves in Woodvale.  Those elves of Woodvale not afflicted by the spreading sickness left Woodvale to escape this spreading disease, migrating far to the south until finally settling in Elvenwood.

            The elves of Elvenwood have largely kept to themselves over the years, although they have banded together with the other races in the wars against Karom.  Well-known among the elves is the story of the rescue of the elven princess Trella, in 576 AW, from orcs by the dwarven brothers xxxx and xxxx.  This occurred during the Orc Wars, when orcs descended out of the Wildlands and invaded many of the surrounding lands.  The orcs kidnapped Trella in anticipation of an invasion of Elvenwood, but were defeated by the halflings of Home before reaching the elven woods, and finally driven back into the Wildlands by the dwarven armies of Rockland at the Battle of the Crossroads.

           At times, the elves of Elvenwood have had strained relations with their neighbors.  During the Pelwait-Elik wars, the elves would not allow troops from either nation to pass through the forest, to the consternation of the rulers of both lands.


            The elves of Elvenwood fanatically follow King Derek Hocholve.  The Hocholve family has ruled Elvenwood since the elves first came to the forest in 103 AW.  The prior line of rulers, before the migration to Elvenwood, all perished in the Great Sickness that spread through Woodvale.  King Hocholve is fair and just, and although the elves do not involve themselves in the affairs of the Land as greatly as their human neighbors, King Hocholve has earned the respect of his neighbors.


            It is rare to find other than elves, and the occasional half-elf, among the people of Elvenwood.


          With the exception of Lake Derek at its eastern edge, Elvenwood is heavy forest. A solitary road runs through the middle of the forest.

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