Arcanyra Goddess of Magic, Knowledge Good, Knowledge, Magic NG
Beam God of the Sun Good, Healing, Sun NG
Corellon Larethian God of Elves Chaos, Good, Protection, War CG
Coshar God of Weather, Agriculture Air, Chaos, Earth, Plant, Sun, Water CN
Dal God of Darkness, Evil, Destruction, Chaos Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War CE
Detanalie Goddess of Love and Beauty Chaos, Good, Healing CG
Dirkar Lord of the Dead Death, Evil, Law LE
Dolic God of Luck, Thieves, Stealth Chaos, Luck, Trickery CN
Folintor God of Suffering and the Sick Good, Healing, Protection NG
Garl Glittergold God of Gnomes Good, Protection, Trickery NG
Gruumsh God of Orcs Chaos, Evil, Strength, War CE
Hasaar God of Air, Sky, Leadership, Combat, Truth Air, Good, Law, Sun, War LG
Kraz The Barbarian Lord Evil, Destruction, Strength, War NE
Moradin God of Dwarves Earth, Good, Law, Protection LG
Nelamor God of the Roads Luck, Protection, Travel N
Sharra Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt Animal, Earth, Good, Law LG
Sreanna Goddess of Nature, Archery, Poetry Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water N
Telsan God of the Sea, Storms Chaos, Strength, Water CN
Trianda Goddess of Justice/Champion of the Weak, Oppressed Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength NG
Yondalla Goddess of Halflings Good, Law, Protection LG
Zhora Goddess of Combat, Wisdom, Law Good, Law, Strength, War LG

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